Personal Fitness Training Tailored To Your Goals


A study published in the Journal Of Sports Science & Medicine states: “…. partnering with a personal trainer increases the success rate of your fitness goals by more than 30 percent”.

Trainer helps you be successful by creating a plan

Keeps you motivated

Focuses on your personal goals and results

Protects you from injury

Establishes a lifetime of good habits to stay fit


Nominated for Best Trainer in San Diego by the SD Reader, Sandy Dean has been featured in Health Magazine and the San Diego Union Tribune.

Sandy works with people of all ages to help them achieve strength training, sports-specific conditioning, agility, weight loss/gain, and improved health.

Most importantly, Sandy focuses on preventing unnecessary injuries.

Personal Training

A customized fitness training plan with Sandy Dean increases effectiveness of the workout while focusing on your desired result.

Sandy Will Keep You Motivated!

Group Training

Group participation is fun for everyone. You tend to excel in your ability to perform when others are around you. 

It also takes the routine out of the work out and keep your passion going.

Stretch Sessions

Proper body alignment is a must have component of a healthy body. 

Stretching by a professional like Sandy restores good posture, minimizes body aches, and allow fast recovery after a workout.

Client Reviews

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Working out with Sandy is always fun.  Her studio is very well equipped and she is always so positive and upbeat.  She is a great motivator and dedicated to her clients’ well being.  Mel. G -yelp.

She has a great personality, great studio and is fantastic to work out with. She is targeting my areas and has tremendous expertise in fitness and overall health with all of her years of experience.  Dana W. -yelp

Sandy really cares and she is a great body trainer that truly knows her craft. Now my whole family goes to her and we also become good friends. I will never go anywhere else to train.  Ruby L. -google

5 Tips to have a Pain Free Living Life

Don’t Overwork – Learn to listen to your body

You are what you eat – Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat

Attain alignment and great posture from your nose to your toes

Learn how to breath better – The quality of your life is the quality of your breathe

Have a plan that works for you – Hire a personal trainer … It’s Priceless!

About Sandy

I entered the fitness industry in the 1980’s at a time when high impact aerobics was the focus of the industry.

“No Pain…No Gain” was the fitness mantra back then.

During those early years of the personal fitness era, programs focused on high impact aerobics, and were untailored to each persons’ specific need.

I saw people getting injured … enduring a lot more pain … than gain.

In 1984 I was teaching 3 aerobic classes a day and pretty much eating whatever I wanted without gaining weight. And then I was injured in a car accident.

Due to the accident, I was unable to perform any aerobic exercise, let alone teach 3 classes per day. I was also suffering from pain and extreme headaches. Aerobic fitness training was not an option to help me get back to my normal self.

In order to prevent further injury, I needed to find a new way to train myself. Since I could not do aerobic exercise, I trained myself in weight training.

Light weight training helped to stop the pain and headaches. And to my surprise, even though I gained some weight, I dropped two dress sizes!

I realized at that time, that I found the golden key to fitness (and recovery) was to include weight training, aerobics, and stretching tailored to each clients’ need. I was driven to learn more.

I expanded on my credentials to include weight training: working with body builders, specialized women’s groups, and senior programs.

In 2002 I started my own training studio in Vista as the best way for me to serve my community.

My tailored approach has even helped a person confined to a wheelchair to ultimately participate running in a marathon!

I believe anyone can have a healthy pain free body, full of energy and vitality.

Come join me on this journey and lets all live a healthy, productive, pain free life.


110 S Citrus Avenue

Suite A

Vista, CA 92084


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